Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Beginning of Adventures

Day 3
Marseille, France

10:20 After going through the simplest customs I have ever heard of at an airport, one glance at my passport without questions, I walked into Hall 1 of the MP (Marseille Provence) Airport. This is what I saw through the glass doors---

no joke. You can even see the light post from the airport parking lot in the photo. Yes. I've decided this will be a beautiful trip.

After recovering from the shock of the incredible parking lot view, I sat down at a small cafe in the Hall (terminal), and studied my French phrase book, searching out how to order an espresso and bread. Bringing my written conversation with me I approached the Boulangerie and ordered in French:

Je vousdrais un cafe au lait a ceci (pointing to the bread that looked delicious)
C'est tout. Merci boucoupe

The nice lady said "Oh, very good" That's all the English she could speak but it was good for me to hear! But the braided bread ended up being croissant, and the coffee was delicious and strong. Sadly, it beats even Gallery.

New Experiences: An Airport with a breath-taking view (sorry SA Int.), French Espresso, Braided croissant.

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  1. yay emma! good job with the french and this and that! i taught you well. and wow... it even beats gallery, thats a strong statement from you, but so true!!!