Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Journy to Lacoste

Day 1.
Houston, Texas

9:35 After saying goodbye to my wonderful family, who I'd be lost without, I sat down at Gate 9 ready for my Lacoste adventure. For anyone who doesn't know, I will be spending the next few months studying at SCAD Lacoste, painting, drawing, and studying art history of Provence until the summer quarter begins. I love to travel and am an artist so I am enjoying every moment of
this experience. I sat in the Bush International Airport next to a friendly British couple returning from their trip to Central and South America. They told me of the incredible ruins and native people and mosaics I should travel to see someday. I hope I get the chance. Then I can practice the Spanish I know rather than the French I'm attempting to learn!

This man sat next to me on the over-seas flight.
Sadly, there was not a single position that we
weren't touching. He prayed aloud in Arabic the
whole first 2 hours. Although it made sleeping
difficult, his devotion to his beliefs was impressive.

Day 2
London, England

12:01 After an interesting and long flight to From Bush International to Heathrow Airport, I arrived 35 minutes late and ran down the terminal in search of the "Royal International". Don't be deceived by the fancy name, this is a booth where I bought a bus ticket to Gatwick airport (for my connecting flight), which I then realized was an hour away. And the soonest bus was sold out. meaning I wouldn't even be leaving this station for at least 30 minutes!

13:45 Finally hopping off the bus at Gatwick's South Terminal I searched for the British Airways counter, only to find that the very nice, old lady on the bus had told me wrong. BA is in the North Terminal.

14:10 @ the BA bag drop I was told that it was too late to check my bag, for my 14:35 flight to Marseille, so I would have to reschedule for a later flight. and an hour later with the help of Dad and Hanna and Jen and Sue, the BA ticket assistant, I was booked for a early flight Friday morning and had plans to stay the night with my cousin Jen in her nice little flat on Kensington Square.

16:10-17:05 A unique EasyBus ride from Gatwick to Fulham/Broadway (the closest metro stop). A) Zero Conversation B) One Passenger: Me C)One Driver: Mick Jagger tattooed look-alike D) Absolute Radio Station playlist: "Don't Stop Believing", Blink 182, and unknown (for a reason) bands of the late 90s.

21:00 After successfully arriving at Flat #8 Jen and I went out for a new dinner spot: Tapa Room at The Providores. They had interesting and delicious food, but strangely none of it is Spanish Tapas but rather New Zealand, or do I say Kiwi? I highly recommend Hokey Pokey ice cream if you ever get the chance to try it.

First trys: Samosa, scallops, and kumquat preserves.

Jen & I on the double red Bus!


  1. My Goodness Emma! That sounds quite stressful, but exciting too! hope you made it to France alright!


  2. I was laughing hysterically at your description of your overseas flight. Wow. I am so excited for you, though in general. I biked 15 miles today. You would have been proud. I love you a lot.