Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 25

We leave for Paris in the morning. I am excited about this very different part of French life. We will be taking the TGV (driving at 250 mph!) and then will be there til Sunday night. I will update on everything i get to see there soon. I just gave a presentation on Van Gogh and Art Therapy (relating to his year at Maison-de-Sante-Saint-Paul in St. Remy. A mental institute he was at for the last year of his life). I was so interesting to learn about how are freed and helped Van Gogh escape the world he found confusing and even his own mind, which he knew was unstable. It was beautiful to read the letters he wrote to his brother Theo and the eloquence he went to describing his passion for painting and the peace that came to him when painting. He stated "when I am face to face with nature, is where my work supports me." He remembered the blue Provencal sky, I know well now, as "forget-me-not-blue"...How can there be so much to learn in such a small region! I am so blessed to have so much time to explore and soak up the rich history here.

These are a few of my recent drawings in and around lacoste:

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