Saturday, April 17, 2010


Foreboding they roll in
like a celebrated artist
commanding the attention of all
holding back the day's light

Breaking afternoon silence
yelling over the pigeon's coo
thunder cracks over and over
showering medieval limestone

This has been a good week. Although the sunny days are fewer, there is something beautiful about the pouring rain and green hope springing up after the fall. I am in the middle of a crazy work week, research paper, presentation, math tests, and drawings due. Thankfully I get to do all of it with a window view of the Luberon valley and Bonnieux. I love it here. So different from the community feel knit into in Bulverde and Savannah but it is beautiful. I got the opportunity to go to Fort de Buoux the other day and to Font de Vaucluse and Menerbes to draw. I am still surprised and awed by the landscapes here. Never before have I been interested in drawing landscape at all, but here there is something sacred about it. Not in a religious way but in a mysterious-hidden-waiting-to-be-revealed sort of way. Hiking up mountains and trails along rivers, there is a glorious moment, stepping out of the trees or rounding a bend and then there it is: a 360 view of sky meeting earth. cliffs and valleys, vineyards and tile roofs, forget-me-not blue skies painted with wisping clouds.

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