Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chocolate and Walnuts...

Adjacent to a local flower/food market and down from a blue basement flows the delicious scent worth traveling to New York City for: A six-ounce warm chunk of chocolate and walnuts. and as a consumer recently told me its a treat worth saving your 35 WW weekly points for. seriously, she's right.

So this is Levain, a bakery full of flour and butter and chocolate and espresso and all the beautiful concoctions of Connie and Pam, the co-founders and owners of this renown and thriving NYC bakery. And for the next three months I get to call this place home. With my sister Sarah, the baker, I am spending the summer exploring the Concrete Jungle and serving up warm award-winning cookies to the locals, artists, suits and tourists that flock in the door.

goal of working in a bakery with my sister: check.

New York is a crazy transition after my months abroad but also such a good place to be, hearing French all around me and working with two French-speaking friends. I look forward to learning this new language I grew to love in Provence! More on France, soon...

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