Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer in New York City, NY

I have been in New York for the past three months and it has been an adventure of delicious cookies, eccentric regulars at the bakery, sweating heat, botanic gardens across the street, subway rides, espresso, live music, cooking with my sister, the artist's way, live music, and painting. It has been wonderful to treck through these bustling streets and watch crowds from the MET steps and sip and write at Kaffe 1668, but I prefer the quieter life. A little less exhaust and concrete and a few more arching trees and southern kindness. Call it crazy for an artist seeking work and with a passion for creativity, but I love the simple life.

so a summer of adventures and so few written! I haven't been great at keeping up the past few months but here are a few creations from the past 3 weeks.

In my painting process of a landscape of Savannah I am doing for a commission I did a self-portrait, pushing myself once again to create a better representation onto the canvas. To paint myself reveals new things I have never noticed before.

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