Thursday, October 21, 2010

How are we a part of it?

Last year I had the honor of working with the early beginnings of a non-profit, Falling Whistles, a Campaign for Peace in the Congo. This incredible organization works to help advocate for and rehabilitate children affected by the trauma of war that has been on going in the Congo for decades. The heart breaking story of child soldiers sent to the frontlines with no defense but a whistle, falling as the first barricade, is a hard story to see as a part of your own. The reality is that we live in a world where stories reach across seas and become our own because we know they exist. This one is layered and hard. But the opportunity we're given is to be a whistleblower for peace. We aren't all called to go to the Congo and we aren't all called to protest in D.C. or hit the interstate and share the story of these Whistleblowers, but we are all given the opportunity to be part of it. To help can be as simple as sharing their story, as rich as investing in physical change in the kids lives, and buying a whistle to speak up for peace.

The story is deep because it's tied to a horrific war, tied to mineral conflict that fuels the phones and computers we use daily. So where do we go from here? The exciting part is that there is hope. We can be a part of the change. Simply knowing and sharing its reality is a huge step. By wearing the Whistle, you wear your protest and elevate the conversation.

This is an unbelievable article I read on the Congo last week:

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