Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We often see pages of text interspersed with images---or books with select dedication to one of these processes.

But what of their relationship?

What image is sparked in our minds by a simple word?

What word do we instantly form from the sight of a drawn image?

After studying Sol Lewitt’s Paragraphs on Conceptual Art I chose to create a project based on the format of a preset structure to avoid subjectivity. Throughout the readings on Conceptual Art and the artists that make up this exploration, I have been drawn to the process of starting from a concept and creating structure in which the public, or designated people can engage and create the work. Group collaboration disintegrates the artist-as-master mentality in the piece.

I created a structured, and time conscious environment, where groups of 20 individuals became the artists of a series of word-to-image and image-to-word responsive works. By creating a

situation, or frame, for the participants---they were solely responsible for placing their reaction on paper.

Armed with paper and a ball point pen I set out to engage with public in their regular environments ---- in local coffee shops, community parks and an elementary/middle school. The responsive work of the participants will be a set process of 20 drawings/writings, beginning with a single word (of 7, I selected through chance) and followed by an image reaction---followed by a word response to the image drawn, and so on until 20 sheets have been used.

The result was a series of 7 white books, a complete set of word:image association sessions, 20 pages each. Each book is identical in size and distinguished by its "initial word" which began the book and the location of the authors.

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