Monday, May 2, 2011

Over PULSE & a cafe-au-lait...

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to roadtrip up to New York City and spend a full three days exploring and engaging in the New York art world. Led by my prof. Jason Hoelscher, we walked the Chelsea Gallery circuit and met his friend Cornell DeWitt, director of the PULSE Art Fairs. Under his direction and energy they have expanded the fair to multiple cities (which now include Miami, LA, and New York). He was engaging in not only sharing his experiences but also sharing the journey that brought him to his current position. I found it unique that he turned the conversation and was interested in our art school experiences and futures. Leaving our short coffee at Bottino, I left with a renewed vision for the wide spectrum of jobs and opportunities available after art school. DeWitt wisely asked us, what have you considered doing after school? What types of careers have you considered applying your practice to? To a group of 10+ painters the initial response is, be a studio artist, of course. Yet this brief interaction challenged me to consider the vast array of careers that an artist, or an art-minded person can pursue. Thank you Cornell for the engaging conversation

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